Who uses our services

During more than 12 years of our business existence we have organized over 1 500 events for 500 customers from companies, non-profit organizations, private persons and state institutions..

What our clients say about us

Cooperation with Etnocatering was perfect. The food was very tasty and colorful. An all-day event organization for 1,500 guests walked like a watch. In addition, we appreciate zero waste access because everything was served on compostable paper, metal cutlery was a matter of course, and the remainder was dedicated to charity.
Matěj Novák from TEDx Prague
The Impact Hub with Ethnocatering combines a long-term cooperation with successful events, great food, unique experiences and first-class service. It is our first choice, not only because of the perfect service but also through shared values and the effort to improve the world around us. Collaboration with a great team around Jacob is clearly a guarantee of great action and satisfied clients.
Petra Bačová, Lenka Krákorová from Impact HUB
In my opinion, I can only confirm that our choice was right. The catering was unique, very well welcomed by our guests, no one complained. Your colleagues prepared and cleaned up exactly according to the plan. I like both your concept and services you offer.
Radka Vondrašová from KKCG
I think that attitude and cooperation with Jakub and the whole team was great. Everything went smoothly. The conclusion is that they are professionals and nice and flexible on the top of that. The food is great, behaviour well mannered and friendly. It would be nice to continue our cooperation.”
Eliška Hloupá Sovová from SCIO

They wrote about us

  • ● Introduction of Ethnocatering for Mamnapad.cz http://www.mamnapad.cz/predstavujeme-startup-etnocathering-netradicni-pokrmy-na-vas-stul/

    ● Short talk for server Starty.cz http://starty.cz/clanky/lide/ethnocatering-sazi-na-originalni-recepty-podporuje-zeny-migrantky/

    ● Magazine Storyous presented us as one of 14 positive examples examples in gastronomy, where profit is not the main issue. https://magazin.storyous.com/cz/14-prikladu-kdy-gastronomie-pomaha-nejen-o-vanocich/

    ● Article on web of Respekt https://www.respekt.cz/video/ethnocatering-a-letni-recept

They made a number of films and documentaries about us

  • ● Impact First 2017: Results announcement with the participation of Ethnocatering https://slideslive.com/38901550/impact-first-2017-4beh-vyhlaseni-klip

    ● HUB MashUp: Presentation of Ethnocateringu https://slideslive.com/38896003/ethnocatering

    ● A beautiful documentary for German television ARD http://www.daserste.de/information/politik-weltgeschehen/weltspiegel/videos/schnappschuss-tschechien-integration-durch-den-magen-100.html

    ● A news item in Události ČT http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/1097181328-udalosti/212411000100317/obsah/194874-ethnocatering/

Who uses our services